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Special Announcement: 2015 VAST Art Contest
VAST invites all Pre-K to 12 artists/young scientists in public and private schools and youth organizations to showcase their artistic talent to help the public understand the VAST PDI theme: “Designing Inquiring Minds”. 
Deadline April 30, 2015.
Click here for judging criteria and poster specifications.

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Outstanding biological/life science teaching is essential to modern society and to human survival in the future. Such teaching exists, and the NABT Outstanding Biology Teacher Award program represents a specific way to recognize such excellence. NABT invites you to participate in its OBTA program.
April 15 (New Deadline) Virginia OBTA Nomination Deadline Virginia OBTA Application
Packets should be requested from VA OBTA Director, Kathy Frame at

(3.27.15) Virginia Department of Education: Science Update

(3.15.15) The Science Educator, Spring 2015

(2.8.15) News from the General Assembly

(1.31.15) Region II, III, IV Miniconferences

(6.5.14) Please check out the Advocacy page to see  the latest VAST response regarding the education reform bills.

VIRGINIA MIDDLE SCHOOL TEACHERS! Sign-up today to bring Smithsonian and Virginia Museum of Natural History scientists and educators to your classroom via the Smithsonian's Science How live, interactive webcasts! Give your students the unique opportunity to interact with some of the foremost experts in science right from your classroom!

The Virginia Museum of Natural History has an exciting opportunity for middle school students! We would like to invite you to register for one of our upcoming Smithsonian Science How live, interactive webcasts. Each webcast will align with the Next Generation Science Standards and Virginia Science Standards of Learning and will focus on connecting students to scientists, increasing students’ understanding of science, and inspiring students about STEM education and careers. Be one of the first to register and in addition to the 25-minute webcast led by Smithsonian scientists and staff, VMNH educators and scientists will engage students in a specially developed, educational program to reinforce the content of the webcast. To sign up or inquire, visit, contact or call (276) 634-4185.

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