Sparking Innovation
Sparking Innovation:
Enhancing Student Learning


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2014 Annual PDI

   November 20-22, 2014
   Hotel Roanoke
   Roanoke, Virginia

Sparking Innovation: Enhancing Student Learning

Innovation has been defined as people using their imagination, experience, curiosity, instincts and relationships to develop and implement ideas that create value. With the rise in emphasis in S.T.E.M. career fields and the need to have more students go into these careers, educational experts have pointed out the key ingredient needed is education.

Fostering the ability for students to be innovative begins with changing our mindset on how we do science. The experience we give students can foster curiosity or crush it. Do we support students and equip them to see the learning in failure or do students walk away seeing failure as the end result. This year’s professional development institute will allow teachers to share best practices, celebrate accomplishments, and discuss new learning and teaching practices to enrich student learning experiences so Virginia science educators can develop the next generation of innovative scientists. 

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